Pacquiao vs Rios Live Stream: Manny Won’t Be Careless In This One

It’s fair to say that the Pacquiao vs Rios live stream will be a different tale than the Pacquiao vs Bradley or Marquez fight for many reasons. The main one being Manny learnt his lesson in those two previous fights. The Manny Pacquiao we all know and love would have been after the finish in both of those fights the entire time, instead, we saw Manny content with just boxing Bradley. He was more aggressive vs Marquez but in the end he let his guard down and got hit by¬† a deadly blow. We even saw in the later rounds of the Pacquiao vs Margarito fight that Manny was letting up and going easy on Margarito near the ned out of sympathy. This shows that Manny’s killer instinct was slowly dissapearing and he was becoming content with just winning. Now after losing two straight fights there is no more Mr. Nice Guy and Manny is pissed.

Pacquiao Rios stream

Pacquiao Thinking About Using Same Strategy He Used With Hatton when he faces Rios

When Pacquiao fought Ricky Hatton and ended the fight in the second round, it was one of the most dominating performances of the boxers career. Manny recently revealed that when he fights Brandon Rios he will try to utilize the same game plan as he did with Hatton, he just hopes that this fight will last longer so that he can fully show what he intends to do. Pacquiao’s one complaint was the fight vs Hatton was too short so he couldn’t fully execute, so he hopes the Rios fight will last longer. Pacquiao agreed that this fight will be more action packed since Rios is the type of fighter to stand in front of a fighters face and that is what Pac Man loves. The Pacquiao vs Rios live stream will determine a lot and early. We will see how Pacquiao reacts to pressure, and we will see how Rios reacts to speed. Things could get interesting.

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Brandon Rios Wants People To Know His Name

Brandon Rios is not going into this fight thinking that he will lose or that he is facing a superior fighter. He is entering with the intention of putting on a show for the fans and to make it an exciting contest. Brandon has had success in the sport and worked very hard to get to this point so he will make the best of it. There is no doubt that the Pacquiao vs Rios contest will be exciting for the fans watching and Rios intends on making it an action packed duel involving tons of action. He wants everyone to know that this is not a Pcaquiao fight, it is a Brandon Rios vs Pacquiao fight and he will make the world remember that whether they are watching on PPV or watching the Pacquiao vs Rios live stream. This is a fight that captures the boxing worlds attention, and it is one that will determine a lot.

Pacquiao vs Rios

Rios Mad at Max Kellerman for Comments

Brandon Rios recently told that he is pissed at Max Kellerman for asking Pacquiao what he thought about a fight with Ruslan Provodnikov. He believes that everyone is looking past him and counting him out, including Kellerman and he said some pretty nast things about Max to the public. Rios has a chip on his shoulder heading into this fight and this has just made it worse. Watch the Pacquiao vs Rios live stream, it will be great.

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