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Pacquiao vs Rios Live Stream of 24/7, Face Off and More

Pacquiao vs Rios live stream is truly worldwide because not everyone will be able to be in China. This fight is quickly becoming the attraction of the year, soon after Mayweather fought Alvarez. These two brawlers are not boxers that run away from punches so fists will fly, that’s for sure. Both of these fighters are working hard with Top Rank and HBO to promote this fight in the United States. Since the fight will take place in China, there must be more emphasis on promotion in the United States in order to gain Pay Per View buys, and that is exactly what will happen.

Pacquiao vs Rios live stream

Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7 Streaming Online November 9th

There is not one boxing fan out there that does not enjoy HBO’s 24/7 series. It will be a very special edition of 24/7 that airs in preparation for the Pacquiao vs Rios live stream fight on November 23rd, because this edition will be filmed from China, something that has never been done before. Pacquiao and all his fans cannot wait for that day because it will be Manny’s chance to show the world he is still here and still ready to face Mayweather. He needs this victory to remain relevant and to show Floyd that he’s coming. Brandon Rios will also be featured in the 24/7 series on November 9th. Not many people know as much about Rios as they do about Pacquiao or Mayweather, so this will be a great opportunity for the fans to get to know the young fighter, who is coming off of the first loss of his career. For two fighters to be coming off of losses and still be featured on 24/7 is rare, so that tell’s us these are both special fighters, which they are.

Face Off Will Max Kellerman Pacquiao vs Rios

Max Kellerman will host his famous Face Off special on November 2nd when Pacquiao and Rios face off face to face. According to all the promotional videos of the tour that we have seen up until now, Pacquiao and RIos have actually become good friends in China. They seem friendly at all the interviews and at all the photo shoots, but once they step into the ring all that will have to go. On Face off we will begin to get an idea of how each feels because typically the segment forces the fighters to get up into each others face. The Pacquiao vs Rios live stream of the fight will be online in some places on the internet so that people can watch this epic boxing fight live and in person. It should be a great night for the sport as it further expands to China.

 Marquez Discusses Pacquiao vs Rios Fight

Before his fight with Timothy Bradley just a few weeks ago, Juan Manuel Marquez got a chance to get interviewed and asked about the PAcquiao vs Rios fight coming up. He said that Rios is a good young fighter and is strong and Pacquiao is also a strong and fast fighter. He said Pacquiao has power, something we know and he surely knows. It will be great fight for the fans and everyone agrees. Catch the Pacquiao vs Rios live stream online and see all the great videos posted to YouTube as well.


The Pacquiao vs Rios Live Stream Will Show If Manny Still Has It

The end of Manny Pacquiao? People around the world will be watching on TV or on a Pacquiao vs Rios live stream to see if the might Filipino will face his third defeat in recent times, in this encounter against Brandon Rios in Macau, China on November 23rd (November 24th in China). Of course, Pacquiao may decide he wants to struggle on even if he lost, but his coach Freddie Roach has said that it would be his responsibility to tell him to stop. It’s a responsibility that would be hard to take, and it would also be hard to take for the promoters of one of boxing’s most lucrative stars, but realistically at 34 years old one would have to question if it would be sensible for Pacquiao to carry on, or quit while he’s ahead.

Pacquiao vs Rios stream

Pacquiao vs Rios Live Stream Fight

Can Rios inflict such a defeat? He certainly thinks so, in fact he has said that he is going to knock Pacquiao out. But lot of people say a lot of things in boxing, especially leading up to a big fight, and then slightly embarrassingly afterwards get all fawning and talk about how their opponent is one of the greatest and all the respect they have for them (unless they are David Haye and Dereck Chisora). Rios has a decent enough record to back up his claims; he is a former WBA Lightweight champion, and has only lost once in 33 fights, and 23 of his wins came by way of knock out. But the American is a front-foot fighter, a style which Pacquiao apparently likes to fight against – he has beaten plenty of fighters with that style before in the kind of displays that will make Manny fans stay up late to catch a Pacquiao vs Rios live stream.

Does Pacquiao Have What It Takes?

In fact whoever is the winner, it is worth catching a Pacquiao vs Rios live stream on November 23rd to find out what will be the fate will be of the man, in Manny Pacquiao, who many consider one of the greatest of all time and who has been voted fighter of the decade for the 2000s. Sadly now for many, we’re in the 2010s, and we all want to know if he still has what it takes.

Pacquiao vs Rios Live Stream

Pacquiao vs Rios Live Stream Weigh Ins

Watch the Pacquiao vs Rios live stream of the weigh ins Starting at 6:30 PM Eastern time ! Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios will see each other face to face live from the Venetian resort in Macau. Watch as these two fighters stare each other down the day before they are set to meet. After much controversy, many words, and intense training, Pacquiao vs Rios is finally happening! Watch the full weigh ins live below.


Pacquiao vs RiosDespite losing his last two fights – Filipino Manny Pacquiao will step into the ring on November 23rd  against American Brandon Rios in Macau, China knowing that he is still one of the best ever. Voted ‘fighter of the decade’ for the 2000s and formerly world champion at 8 different weight divisions, Pacquiao is considered by many as the best pound for pound fighter in history.

But Rios is confident, or at least sounds it. He has age on his side, he is 7 years younger than Pacquiao at 27, and having been ringside to witness Pacquiao being knocked out in the 6th round by Juan Manuel Marquez in Vegas last December, Rios thinks he can ‘catch’ Pacquiao once, which will be enough to further prove that the legend is only human. Rios says ‘I’m not scared of his power or anything….he is going to go down.’ Obviously he has no respect for his elders.

If rumours are true that Manny Pacquiao is leaving his training late (except for a bit of basketball), Rios may be right to be confident. Maybe Pacquiao is too busy concentrating on his music and politics. And Rios knows that with only one defeat in 33 fights – he is a contender for victory. If you can’t make it to Macau – catch the Pacquiao vs Rios live stream online.